Thursday, March 29, 2012

Madhubani n Warli Painting

My first ever warli and madhubani painting... tried free hand ;-)

Stocking Butterfly Hanging

Few Paintings

My First glass painting with acrylic colors and glitter!!

Glass painting with oil colors and acrylic colors!!

Warli Painting-Based on Rathotsav theme!!

Quilled flower arrangement 2

Quilled Kingfisher

Quilled 3D Guitar

Quilled 3d flower vase

Another Quilled card

Husking Technique

A simple foto tutorial of husking technique!!

First ever Quilling

My very first quilling,very happy tat i tried a 3d concept and came out very well!!My favorite God,Ganesha :-)

Quilled flower arrangement

It was so tedious for me as i was very new to quilling tat time,very challenging one-Inspired by Inna Dorman's portrait!!

Quilled Card n Bouquet

Quilled Bouquet n card!!

Quilled Earrings

My first ever quilled earrings!!

Quilled Teddy Bears

Another 3D quilled teddy bears!!

Quilled Sunflower

Quilled 3D Umbrella

My first ever Bee-hive ing in 3D;))!!

Quilled Greeting Card

Decorated Diyas

Here i've painted terracotta diyas with acrylic colors....

Aarti thali with ceramic art work

My first try on ceramic art work...came out well!!

Tutorial coming soon..............

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Here i'm gonna post my paper crafts,paintings,clay work,ceramic art etc... I love n live for arts n paintings.For me my husband has been so encouraging!!Hope i will do my best here...